live betting tips


Live betting is all the craze of late, and it thus makes sense that people would jump onto this trend. It is not all that different from regular gambling.
The difference lies in when you can place a wager. With regular wagers, you decide on the outcome before the event begins. When betting live, you can place wagers as the game continues. It also goes by the name in-play betting.

Why it works

This form of betting works for all punters. Professionals appreciate the chance to adjust their odds as the game continues. It allows them to make a lot of profit if they get it right.
Newbies can also enjoy this feature as they learn how small things can affect match outcomes. This betting form is exciting in that you can follow the game and make wager changes accordingly.
Many games allow for live betting. Examples include football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, winter sports, golf, and handball, amongst others.
Let’s take football as an example. As you watch the match, you can bet on which team will score the next goal. You can also wager on things such as corners and goals scored.
Some people opt to bet in combination to increase their profits. However, this can go wrong, especially for newbies. You cannot give full attention to all the games.
You can also decide to cash out in the middle of a match. That way, you can shelter yourself from losses. You should note that cashing out will not give you good returns, such as those of a regular bet.
However, it will enable you to hold onto the principal amount. Some companies allow automatic cash-outs. You set a minimum amount of money that you can accept. When your wager makes this amount, you get the money earned, and the bet closes.

Should you bet live?

There are many reasons why one would want to bet live during an event. One such case is where you wish to derive more thrills from betting.
As you watch the game unfold, you can decide who will make the next corner, who will score, and so on. This excitement beats that of regular bets where you cannot make changes during the match.
Secondly, it allows you to get a clear picture of the match conditions. For example, if you bet on team A and they get a red card, you can shelter yourself from losses. Finally, live betting puts you at the forefront of winning money with ease.

Suitable Sites

What site can you trust when it comes to betting tips as well as live betting? Well, here are some exciting options:


This site is quite popular across the globe, owing to its reliability. It offers bonuses to new and returning customers, thus saving you some money.
The live odds, which are plentiful, are available in most of the markets on this site. It helps to note that this site is quite diverse when it comes to markets.

Leo Vegas

When this platform started, it was an online casino. Over time, it has carved out some space for other sports.
That way, you can enjoy the variety in the markets as well as the high odds. Furthermore, this site offers bonuses and promotions to its customers.


When it comes to in-play betting, this is a wonderful platform. For one, the site has been around for a while, and it thus ranks high regarding reliability.
Also, there is a mobile app affiliated to the site. It allows you to place wagers and follow the action from anywhere.

Come On

With this site, you get to enjoy a wide variety of live odds, allowing you to place wagers with the best odds. Its interface is quite simple and interactive, and navigating it is a breeze. The cash-out option does not hurt, more so when things are not going your way.
It works for al gambling levels.

William Hill

Old sites have large markets and a significant following owing to their groundwork. Well, this site is not different as it offers attractive odds and bonuses.
It leans heavily on football matches, and football lovers can enjoy this platform.