betting tips for today


Betting is not only about luck as it also extends to the use of strategy. You cannot hope to be lucky all the time.
If you decide to place bets based on hunches, you will take a considerable risk each time you do so. That’s why people spend a lot of time analyzing matches to see what the likely outcome could be. When you approach betting in this manner, you have a higher chance of emerging the victor.
However, using a strategy is not as simple as it sounds. You need to dedicate hours to each match to analyze it in detail.
That means that you will look at the teams, lineups, injuries, weather conditions, coaches, and other such factors. It takes a lot of time and energy, and most people cannot get it right.
If you are still new to analyses, it will help to rely on a site that offers free tips.

Why should you use free tips?

For one, you save a considerable amount of time. Some people can easily spend hours on their devices, researching teams and outcomes. They may do it on a fulltime basis, and thus, the time spent works in their favor.
But if you want to do other things and still win, you need some free tips. Secondly, using these tips increases your chances of winning.
Think of gambling as the stock market. With the right information by your side, what can get in the way? You are more likely to make profits when making informed wagers.

Reliable Sites

When choosing a tipster, you should be careful. There are many fake sites out there that charge people while offering them lousy returns.
Also, some sites will cost you way more than is necessary for the tips. You need a website managed by experts and one that offers regular tips at a fair price.
You can also try free sites to check if they will work out for you. Some do, and others do not. That said, here are a few sites that you can try:

Extra Tips

This site is all about statistics, and this makes the predicted outcomes more probable than on other websites.
While things can change at one time or the other, the results of a match often depend on the past and present stats. This site uses this information in the coming up of possible scenarios. It works for football lovers as it does not offer tips on other sports.
For a newbie, this would be an excellent place to start. Not only do you get some tips, but you also get information on how to go about strategizing. The site is awash with articles on how to gamble.
It also provides you with advice on what bookmakers you can use and why. You can get this information by following the links provided.
Additionally, this site also links you to bonuses and live streams. You can choose to go for the free tips or pay for more detailed information. Their success rate is way higher than that of most tipsters in the market.


While this site is in Spanish, you can get a lot of information on handball, football, tennis, basketball, and hockey. It offers tips on how one can bet on any of these games while giving you a glimpse of the results. It provides live streaming and links you to some of the best bookmakers in the market.
The information to which you are privy depends on what package you choose. If you go for the free version, you will get limited information on the tips. Those who pay get a breakdown of the analysis based on present and past stats.
The exciting thing with this site is that you have a money-back guarantee. When you get an incorrect tip, you can get your money back. Alternatively, you can get a free tip the next time. As such, you are likely to get real tips.

Bet Freak

If you are all about the leagues, this is an excellent site from which you can make some good money. It offers live streams that work to the advantage of people who like in-plays.
If you follow the tips for a considerable time, you are sure to make some good money. For better tips, go VIP.
Do not expect to make a killing in a day. Instead, trust the process.